Thursday, 6 December 2012

Why should you use Groovy and Grails in Web Application Development?

Grails is a rapid web application development framework inspired by the popular Ruby on Rails framework(RoR). Groovy is a dynamic programming language for Java’s Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java Development Kit (JDK). Groovy is used as a primary programming language in Grails. A compelling feature of Groovy is that it can be used in place of Java, or used alongside Java, as per the needs of the development.

Note: Groovy is an open source language licensed under Apache 2.0 and Grails is built on proven Operational Support Systems (OSS) framework which includes: combination of Spring, Hibernate and Jetty.

Groovy and Grails favors convention over configuration with modern web application best practices like: 

•    Convention over configuration
•    Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
•    Agile Software Development
•    Ajax
•    Web services (REST, SOAP etc)
•    Built-in Unit testing support

Some of the reasons for using Groovy and Grails in Web Application Development include:

Faster to kickstart a new project: While using traditional Java web application platforms for projects, developers have to spend weeks creating the initial code for the infrastructure. But with the help of Groovy and Grails, the a prototype working web application can be engineered with web user interface and database access support in a couple of hours. This enhances the productivity of the developers and they can concentrate on improving the overall quality of the project.

Utilization of Java platform: Java offers tremendous scope for developers in creating ground-breaking web applications. Groovy and Grails can easily be integrated with Java applications. Grails offers an industrious web application framework which reduces the steps in Java Development Framework. It is very easy for the developers to utilize Java library in an easier and faster way with Groovy. The use of Groovy and Grails reduces the development cycle phases and saves precious time. 

Do Not Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle:
With the help of Grail’s DRY principle, developers can easily accommodate changes in their code. Since the code is not repeated, developers can concentrate on improving the quality of the project. Grail also assists developers in easily documenting their code. This enables them in getting quick resolution to the problems and helps the novice Grails developers in their team.

Nowadays, it has become a trend in the information technology industry to use various forms agile development process. However it is extremely difficult for inexperienced developers to take advantage of the Java framework using traditional Java methods to practice Agile methods. Hence, it is important for developers to use Groovy and Grails to exploit the benefits of Java in developing web applications. If you wish to learn more about Groovy and Grails application development, please contact:

Sigma Infosolutions Ltd.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Milestone for Our Grails Team : Completed the Development of Plugin for jmesa in Grails

We are pleased to share that we have completed the development of plugin for jmesa in Grails.

This is uploaded and available at .

We congratulate all the involved people for making it happen.

This is just beginning and stay tuned for seeing more of this from Grails as well as other teams.

Many more such Extensions/Plugins/Custom Modules would be developed and contributed back to community, in the days ahead with respective teams.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The Holy Grail of Today’s Web Application Development.

Today's highly competitive business landscape demands quick time-to-market. The faster; the better! This rule applies both to enterprises and ISVs. If you are an organization looking to either transport the current on-premise solution to the web, or build a new web based solution by using JAVA as a core development platform; you might just negate the above stated rule.

Developing web applications in JAVA, traditionally, forces the developers to assemble and maintain deployment units, along with configuring and maintaining environments and frameworks during the entire development life cycle. This eats up a significant share of developer's time which could have been used singularly in building more functionalities rather than maintaining the ecosystem to support the development. You would agree- JAVA based web development is notoriously tedious. 

Therefore, with a strong foot holding in application development services for global clients, Sigma Infosolutions offers its expertise on GRAILS for accelerated web application development. GRAILS is an open-source web framework for JAVA platform, which through its core principle of 'convention over configuration' allows organizations to fasten their
development time by a staggering 30%.
By leveraging our development outfit in Bangalore- India and GRAILs for web application development, organizations can not only have highly quality applications in a quick turn-around time but also enjoy almost 30% cost savings. Talk about immediately securing a high return on investment! Call us now or email us at