1. Improved Operational Efficiency through a GRAILS based CRM for a Leading Medical Tourism Company in North America

The client is a US based, global medical tourism company offering healthcare facilitation services in 44 countries through a network of over 1000 hospitals, clinics and health resorts in 120 destinations including Thailand, Mexico, Belgium, India, Germany, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and Brazil.

In order to take their business to next level and sustain multifold growth in their business, effortless, efficient & accurate communication and flow of information amongst stakeholders plays a key role. The client's sales and operation teams were using excel sheets and emails for maintaining customer data and their treatment needs, which was unable to cope with the fast growing business. The client approached Sigma Infosolutions to develop a highly automated end-to-end solution that could be used for dynamic and effective sales and operations management and for connecting service providers, patients, & facilitators.

Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its experience and expertise on GRAILS framework to design a customized end-to-end solution which included a customer CRM solution,Partner Portal, and Customer Portal. The CRM solution helped the client to focus on enhanced customer service and build a competitive advantage. The specific areas of impact it had on the business were:
  • Increased focus on customer management, thereby improving customer service  which led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enabled 100% visibility of operations with centralized tracking mechanism
  • Improved communication between prospects, sales & operations teams and service providers
  • Significantly improved sales forecasting and productivity
Technology Used
  • MySQL deployed on Apache Tomcat Server

2. Increased Operational Efficiency through Sales Force Automation for a Leading Copper Mining Company

The client, a leading producer of copper in the world is headquartered in Mumbai, India.  With assets of more than USD 9 Billion and nearly 20,000 employees spread globally, it commands over 40% share in domestic copper market. It has 14.2 million tonnes of copper ore reserves in Australia and operates India's largest private sector continuous cast copper rods plants through copper smelting and refining.

In order to sustain business profitability and growth, accurate communication with customers and timely analysis of sales data is critical. The client's sales teams were using excel sheets for maintaining customer data, which was unable to cope with the increasing business. The client approached Sigma Infosolutions to develop a sales force automation solution that could be used for a dynamic and effective sales management.

Sigma Infosolutions' team worked closely with the client's team to design a customized solution for automating both domestic as well as export sales processes. The SFA solution built on GAILS framework helped the client to focus on enhanced customer service and build a competitive advantage.  The specific areas of impact it had on the business were:
  • Accurate revenue forecasting
  • Strengthened customer service operations
  • Centralized tracking mechanism to review sales team’s tasks and their status on a daily, weekly, and
    monthly basis
  • Improved collaboration between the distributed sales teams and client's delivery departments
Technology Used
  • GRAILS development environment (GRAILS 1.0.5)
  • J2EE
  • MySQL deployed on with Apache tomcat server 

3. Increased Operational Efficiency and Reduced Errors through Transition Manager for a Leading Datacenter Relocation Company 

The client provides unbiased assessments, recommendations and improvements for IT including data center facilities, relocations, consolidations, technical operations and applications software development. They provide services to companies having a few servers to media giants, nationwide insurance companies having 10,000+ servers. 

In order to minimize the mistakes & lapses in the process of datacenter migration, effective planning and monitoring of activities and dependencies is critical. The client was using Excel sheets for maintaining data relating to servers,equipments, plan for relocations etc. which was unable to cope with the increasing business and reducing tolerance in the customer for mistakes. The client approached Sigma Infosolutions to develop a custom transition management solution that could be used for hassle free relocation of datacenters.

Sigma Infosolutions's team worked closely with the client's team to design a customized solution on GRAILS framework. This product comprehensively removed the need for manual planning, identifying dependencies as well as tracking things at the time of relocation.

GRAILS cuts down the development time by 40% due to its design and wide range of ready to use plug-ins.

Technology Used
  • GRAILS development environment (GRAILS 1.0.5)

Why did the Client Choose GRAILS?

  • Faster application development
  • Open-source and rapid web application development framework
  • Shorter response time
  • Lower development cost

4. Built a Utility Application for the iPhone from Concept to an End Product for a Company in North America.

The client is funded tech product start-up with a vision to develop iPhone applications that are meant to ease peoples' lives.  The client is based in North America. The client wanted to build an iPhone application that will enable its business users to connect with a comprehensive network of utility service providers ranging from plumbers, carpenters, electricians, to many more across the entire North American region. With this vision the client approached Sigma Infosolutions to build this from concept to an end product.

Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise on GRAILS framework and iPhone SDK 3.0 to develop a comprehensive iPhone application along with a web engine for a company in North America.

The iPhone application now connects its users to a comprehensive database of utility service providers across North America, based on the type of service requested and the nearest/proffered location of the user.  Built on GRAILS, the application also extends numerous customization capabilities to both the users and service providers.

Developing the end product on GRAILS framework and this combined with Sigma Infosolutions’ Global Delivery Model, not only fastened time-to-market but the client also experienced significant cost savings.

Technology Used

  • iPhone SDK 3.0 
  • GRAILS Captcha plug-in
  • GRAILS Mail plug-in
  • GRAILS Jmesa (with filtering) plug-ins
  • Message Media SMS service provider
  • Java APNS library

Executive Summary

The client embarked on developing a gated online community portal to make online interaction safe for personal and business. During the development process, their in-house development team slowly disintegrated. After having successfully solved two specific challenges put forth by the client as the selection criteria, Sigma Infosolutions was chosen as the dedicated team for this project. Sigma Infosolutions successfully built the key functionalities of this portal. The client was thus able to realize its vision of a safe and gated online community. This has opened avenues for advanced features in the near future and expansion to other cities across US. The project is ongoing with a bandwidth of 360 hours per month.

The Client

In order to make the online community a safer place for people to interact with socially and for business purposes, the client has created and operates a gated online community which thrives on verification of every single member using its services. This provides a platform for community members to indulge in trade as well as social interaction in a secure manner.

Business Case

The client was developing this online community internally. However,n the process the in-house development slowly disintegrated. The client was then evaluating various technology vendors for relevant expertise and experience on eBusiness and eCommerce technology platforms. The client wanted a technology vendor who could take complete ownership of the development process and execute all initiatives as per the business plan.

The client asked all the prospective technology vendors to solve 2 key technical challenges in a stipulated amount of time. These challenges acted as evaluation criterion to select the right partner. Based on turn-around-time time and quality of problem resolution, Sigma Infosolutions was rightfully awarded the project.


Since, the client’s internal development team had disintegrated, there was no documentation pertaining to the existing code. Also, the client didn’t clearly list all requirements for the portal. This put Sigma Infosolutions’ team in a challenging position as the team didn’t have any visibility in to the future course of development. Some of the other uphill tasks, successfully solved by Sigma Infosolutions team are:

  1. Partial refresh functionality to ensure faster web page loading
  2. URL naming process to ensure a SEO friendly site
  3. Integration of web servers for SSL operability
  4. Development of key modules such as verification module
The Solution

Since, there was no documentation from the client’s side, Sigma Infosolutions quickly put a team together that streamlined requirement gathering and other project related documentation.

A content management system was integrated to aid the data operability and future scalability. An Ajax based page refresh mechanism was developed and integrated to resolve the issue of partial refresh. This improved the usability of the portal by multi-folds.

The various modules were developed to ensure key functionalities of the portal. Some of the key functionalities of this portal are:

  1. Automated Verification: Automates verification process to ensure the authenticity of the user. This includes different levels of verification such as personal verification as well as check for existence of a criminal record.
  2. Bulk Coupon Management:  The bulk coupon module is capable of processing unformatted data to ensure seamless operability of data with the portal. 
  3. Scalability: Sigma team has ensured scalability of this project
    in the near future by integration of modules such as reputation
    management, reporting module etc.


Sigma Infosolutions used the following technologies for this project:

  • Groovy Grails 
  • Standard Java plug-ins
  • Remote pagination
  • Acegi security
  • Searchable plug-in
  • CMS plug-in 
  • Mail plug-in 
  • FCK editor 0.9 
  • Barcode
  • Static resources
  • Model box 
  • Form helper 0.28
Business Benefits

The improved functionalities helped the client to achieve the following business benefits:

  • A fully automated solution to validate the core business proposition to have a gated
    secure community portal
  • Flexibility to upload data in a simpler format

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