Features and Benefits

1. GRAILS supports several Ajax libraries including OpenRico, Prototype, Dojo, jQuery and YUI. Use
existing tag libraries which create HTML with Ajax code. Also easily create your own tag libraries.

2. GRAILS provides its API methods to write the business logic. The domain classes managed by GORM have 'magic' dynamic and static methods to perform persistence operations on these classes and its objects.

3. GRAILS scaffolding to support CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Any domain class can be scaffolded by creating a scaffolding controller.

4. GRAILS gives you the power and features of Spring and Hibernate frameworks but applies the principle of convention over configuration to them and wraps them in the Groovy language to make them much easier to use.

5.  A wide range of plugins are available for rich client/Ajax development, web services and performance
management. Also customized plugins can be created by following the GRAILS methodology.

6. Functionality available through mixins - a method which is added to a class dynamically as if the functionality was compiled in the program; GRAILS provides dynamic methods based on the type of class.

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